Aqualung Fusion Tech SLT Aircore

Aqualung Fusion Tech SLT Aircore

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The Fusion Tech combines the innovative AirCore Inner Layer with a heavy duty, abrasion resistant Spanflex Outer Layer. The result is a drysuit which is unmatched in flexibility, incredibly lightweight, and compact enough to fit in your carry on luggage.


  • Patented Dual Layer System means safer and easier diving
  • Breathable AirCore Inner Layer elevates comfort
  • Heavy-duty Spanflex Outer Layer offers extreme mobility and streamlining while protecting the inner AirCore
  • YKK AQUASEAL® PU Dry Zipper offers smooth and easy operation
  • Seal Lock Technology (SLT) Wrists & Neck offer quick seal replacements
  • PU coated knees provide excellent abrasion resistance
  • RapidZip System improves drying time
  • Deluxe suspender system with 3D mesh backpad
  • Flatlock sewn seams for stretch and durability
  • Auto Exhaust Valve for hands off buoyancy control

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