Argos Stealth 2mm Glove

Argos Stealth 2mm Glove

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Tired of your glove closure leaking or the Velcro tearing up the rest of the glove? Argos has thrown out the normal glove closures and is using the tried and true "Quick Seal" that's used on our 2mm Shorty. This seal is water tight, slim line and doesn't need any Velcro or straps. We've reinforced the seam attaching the Quick Seal with our seam sealer for the extra abuse of putting the glove on and taking it off. Other glove properties mirror our booties.

The palm is made of Diamond Guard (abrasion resistant material with no-slip polyurethane coating). We have made sure to extend this material to the back of the finger tip for added protection. The back of the hand is made of Xtend our ultra-stretch material for added flexibility.

Plus, we've spent a lot of time making sure this glove really does fit like a glove. If you like our booties, you'll love this glove!

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