Gannet Hybrid Bungee 100ft Float Line

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An innovation in float line design, the Hybrid is the best of both worlds. The 20 feet of UV stable, abrasion resistant PVC nearest the diver minimizes tangles and snags while 1500 pound MFP double braided hollow core behind that provides strength, high buoyancy, and weight savings. This float line will take on the biggest baddest reef dwellers and the truly heavyweight pelagics with ease.

The Gannet Ties:

A superior connection developed as an alternative to traditional connections. It is incredibly strong, stealthy, and simple. With a breaking strength of 1800#, it far surpasses the holding capabilities of any other connection. By doing away with shackles and clips Gannet has created an extremely quiet connection, there is no metal to clank around on your gun, resulting in a stealthier hunt.


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