JBL Polespears 5 ft

JBL Polespears 5 ft

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This JBL polespear is designed mainly for small fish. This Pole Spear is a single-piece model by JBL. It features annealed 6063 aluminum construction. This extra-rigid pole spear delivers flex-free energy transmission for improved performance. The machine-swaged spear pole ensures enhanced hydrodynamics for greater speed at reduced water disruption. With fully adjustable sling length and threaded stainless tip, it accepts any point of 6mm measurement. The JBL Pole Spear has a replaceable surgical rubber black sling that allows quick adjustment in keeping with power variations.

Technical Specs:

  • Hard-Bitten Tempered 6063 Aluminum (Solid Gold Anodized)
  • Threaded Stainless Steel End
  • Black Surgical Replaceable Rubber Sling
  • Sling Dimensions: 8 mm x 864 mm (5/16" x 34")
  • Threaded End Easily Fits Spear Points by JBL
  • Ideal for Low Visibility, Reef, & Rock Hunting
  • Extra Rigid Shaft Design
  • Flex-Free Energy Transmission
  • Guarantees Great Speed w-Reduced Water Disruption
  • Sling Length is Fully Adjustable

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