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Where would we be without lead weights? Stuck at the surface, that's where. The Uncoated Hard Lead Lace-Through Weights by Leadex will displace that buoyancy and help you to effortlessly get underwater to see the majesty that is the ocean (or whatever body of water you're in).

Accurate, inexpensive, and nearly indestructible, these weights will last for years of dives. Each weight is clearly stamped with easy-to-read numbering. They feature a curved inner surface. This contoured shape is more comfortable against your hips when they're laced on to your belt. The corners are rounded to reduce wear and tear on wetsuits, BCDs and belt pockets. These weights are designed for use on a nylon weight belt. The belt slots are recessed into the weights for a streamlined, comfortable fit.


Choosing Your Weights

Mix and match low-numbered weights for the accuracy and versatility to adjust your buoyancy beneath the waves. For example: Instead of using two 4 lb weights to dive with 8 lbs, you can use two 1 lb weights and two 3 lb weights. That gives you the flexibility to drop down to 6 lbs as needed.


  • Traditional, uncoated, solid lead weights
  • Rounded corners reduce wear on your equipment
  • Accurate, true weights in a range of convenient sizes
  • Wide, lace-through slots for easy threading through a nylon weight belt
  • Belt slots with strong, thick, recessed cross-section for added stability and comfort
  • Curved inner surface is contoured to sit comfortably on your belt
  • Mix and match sizes for a versatile weight set up
  • Clearly stamped, easy-to-read numbering
  • Durable for year after year of service
  • Not for use on rubber belts

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