Seac Driver Free Dive Computer

Seac Driver Free Dive Computer

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We present you the new DRIVER scuba diving and freediving computer . Ideal to use it on the wrist for greater practicality and comfort. With it you can monitor at all times your performance in each practice, immersion values ​​and recovery times.

It allows you to measure the speed of each dive and each ascent; as well as the temperature and depth reached. You can adjust it perfectly according to the place of immersion either fresh or salt water. It has a large capacity memory that you can classify and download according to your needs. It has alarms with lighting and sound.

New wrist-mount computer for freediving, able to constantly monitor performance, dive values, and recovery times. Extensive internal memory, with logbook downloadable to PC or Mac.


- Dive/ascent speeds, temperature, total dive time, and depth, all on the same screen.
- MSRT function (minimum surface recovery time) for the diver’s safety.
- Setting for fresh or salt water.
- Extensive logbook memory divided into sessions and individual dives.
- Download and synchronize using software for PC and Mac.
- User-replaceable battery.
- Illuminated and sound alarms can be deactivated.

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