Trident Slate w/ Pencil Wrist Slate

Trident Slate w/ Pencil Wrist Slate

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The Trident Compact Wrist Mounted Multilayer Scuba Slate with Pencil is ideal for divers who want to keep their kit streamlined.


This slate’s 2 x 4 inch (5.08 x 10.16cm) size is perfect for brief communications with dive buddies at depth, when you don’t need a larger slate for mapping or more extensive dive documentation. This small slate attaches to the wrist with a Recloseable fastener strap. Included pencil attaches with a stretchy leash and attaches to the slate through a loop of the leash. Slate is constructed in durable, impact resistant plastic.


Approximate dimensions: 2 x 4 inches (5.08 x 10.16cm)